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" Making Dreams Come True"

SoulSpark7 is sustained by Tru Eastman and Autumn Jensen, two successful businesswomen who are leaders in their professional fields and love to teach Magick, Mysticism and Metaphysics.

Together, they host public and private events, teaching ways to re-ignite the flame of Magick we were all born with. 

After more than 3 decades each, they are versed in many subjects such as Astrology, Earth Medicine, Numerology, Ceremonial Magick, the Elements, Reiki, Fengshui, Shamanism, Access Consciousness and much more.

They teach in person and online classes, host an annual retreat, created a Moon Magick Journal and are building a women's tribe called The SoulSpark7 Witchy Goddess Sister Tribe- where they teach monthly lessons and lead women to their inner connection with the Divine feminine. 

Their focus is on empowerment and connection, supporting our communities and those who are actively engaged in bringing more light, love, passion, courage, prosperity, and peace to the world.


Why the "7"?


One of the most common questions we are asked is, “What does the SEVEN mean in your name?” 

The number SEVEN has been used for eons by many different philosophies and is recognized as a sacred power number. 

There are seven primary Chakras, Seven Sister Stars, Seven Deadly Sins (and antidotes), Seven Hermetic Principles, Seven organizing Laws of Nature, Seven days of the week, 7 Alchemical metals, 7 musical notes, and so on. It has been said that we will go through SEVEN initiations in our lifetimes.

The number 7 is also associated with the GOLDEN touch and with alchemy. We believe that we are able to alchemize any challenge that we face in life and transform it, as coal and rock are transformed to Diamonds and Gold.

Join SoulSpark 7

Learn the Ancient ways of the soul, along with leading-edge healing techniques and transform the breakthroughs as you remember your own Magick, and step more fully into your destiny.

As SoulSpark7, we teach principles that focus on these sacred mysteries to encourage self-discovery and awaken your own intuition. 

Join us in SoulSpark7 Sister Tribe., an online monthly subscription group program, designed to fast track your natural gifts, tools, and intuition to awaken the LIGHT in your life, ignite the PASSION in your career or family, and propel you forward with your  LIFE PURPOSE. 

Stay tuned for details about our
SoulSpark7 Retreat in March 2020
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