Hi! I am Autumn! When I was 18 years old, I picked up a book about astrology and the fascination began. Soon I was doing charts for my friends, boyfriend and anyone who would tell me their birthday. It allowed me to see deeper into a persons soul. That was over four decades ago, and so began a journey that has been filled with magic and mysticism. The teachings of the mystic have empowered me to create a life of harmony, of love and trust. So how does this help you?

I have found it to be a delicate balance to maintain harmony, both within, and outside of ourselves. I have learned through my studies, and have come to truly believe that everything is going to be ok, for me, and, for you too. I believe our magic is easy, powerful and life-changing when we learn to trust it.

My private sessions and services, workshops and products, focus on the creation of a beautiful, energetically balanced life and offer a unique blend of magical healing arts, including Shamanism, Feng Shui, Eastern Astrology, Reiki, BARS, and so much more. Those who come to my magical studio often comment on how peaceful it feels. It was my intention to create a feeling of "awww" within the energy of my home and workplace. I love to go into my magic room and create potions and tools to enliven the spaces in which we dwell.  

When you work with me, I will share many secrets, learned over thousands of years and passed down to me through the ages. I know these teachings will guide you to your own harmonious energy, and will help you create surroundings that support your own growth. You will also learn how to easier work with and communicate with others who share the air that you breathe. 

Sometimes it just takes a little guidance and someone who believes in you!


I am also a spa owner and permanent makeup artist at:  


I call this "spirit face art"

I'm a triple Air sign with sun in Libra, Moon in Gemini and Rising in Gemini. In Eastern Astrology:  Yin Earth Pig, Double Dog, Rat. My spirit animal is Owl, with a strong presence from Hawk, Eagle, Hummingbird and Red Fox.

I have been blessed to join my soul-mate for 38 years of marriage, have an incredible daughter, three great bonus kids, and eight grand-children. 

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