Signature Energy Healing Sessions© 

Welcome to a new way of healing. 

Autumn Moon is a Light and Spirit Healer...more

 These sessions are an opportunity to work with

these founders collectively. 

When healers gather, the energy is synergized and multiplied exponentially!

Receive the benefit of this group Healing, Synergy, and Balance for only $150


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Our next session is Thursday, Feb 13- 7:30 pm

Your session includes 90 minutes of deep, powerful energy healing that can assist you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Following this 90 minute treatm...
Energy Healing Sessions

There are no refunds once you have purchased your space for our healing session. Each session we create a collaborative interactive experience and we welcome you! We have commitments, which are non-refundable, thus we are not able to refund your registration once purchased. Thank you for honoring your commitment.""Commitment Policy: Your commitment fee is not refundable as stated above, however it is transferable until the day of the healing session. Please email our office, no later than 6 hours prior to the session, to advise who will be taking your place."

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