EVERYTHING is made up of energy. There are many types of energies, some will create a feeling of peace and love, while others will give us a sense of unease, tiredness, laziness or even give us the "whillies". If you have ever entered a room where two people are arguing, you can "feel" the heaviness lingering in the air. When you purchase a new home, someone has been ill, or passed away, it is important to clear that energy and raise the vibrational energy. Most are familiar with "saging" and while that is good for the frequency, you may have issues that you are unaware of, such as magnetic resonance, risidual emotional trauma, underground currents, or ley lines that effect the energy of your space. It may be time to call in a professional. Autumn has many years experience in Feng Shui, the ancient ways of balancing energy in a space. Space clearing can be done both in person, or remotely. Cost is $100 per hour, plus travel.

Home or Business Clearing with Autumn

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