Lisa StarAhna

Lisa StarAhna is known by many to be a “Goddess of Light” as she inspires spiritual connection and personal power. Her 30-year career as a Holistic Healing Practitioner and Teacher has given her an abundance of experience working with thousands of students and clients from all across America. People come to her seeking better health physically, mentally, and emotionally.


From a very young age, Lisa felt a compelling passion towards health and healing accompanied by a powerful intuition and developing psychic awareness. Her own personal healing journey began with the death of her oldest son at age 19, along with the death of his father just 1 year later, which sent a ripple effect of addiction and depression into her family. These life-changing events give Lisa special insight into the importance of gathering the pieces of a shattered soul and reclaiming one’s personal power beyond survival mode! Moving through grief, tragedy, and loss, with enlightenment and love, became her specialty. 


Over the years Lisa has acquired a variety of healing tools that include, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Sound Therapy, Meditation, Chakra Balancing, and much more! Her classes are designed to reignite your soul and assist you in developing your innate abilities to heal yourself.  She will show you how to reclaim your personal power when you feel like life has drained you, broke your heart, or knocked you down!


“I am a passionate, powerful, loving, healing Goddess of Light! My purpose is to teach, to heal, to share love, to ignite a remembrance in you that you are beautiful, worthy of joy, and powerfully magic!”

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