A magickal movement designed by women  
to encourage, uplift, inspire and educate with tools to live a magickal life
Would you like to learn about topics like crystals, astrology, feng shui, the moon, daily rituals, and ceremonies?
Do you have a desire to be more confident and empowered to create a healthy, happy life?
Would you like to hang out with like-minded ladies?
We Are Your Tribe!

it's all pretty simple...


*A Private Facebook Group for Women ONLY

*Recorded Calls

*BONUS study materials

*Daily Inspired Topics

*Support, Connection, Education

ON Facebook, Search YOU are the Magick 

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 Those Who Believe in Magick,

Will See it and Experience it in their Everyday Life

 A movement to encourage, uplift, inspire, educate, connect and Live a Magickal Life

Living a Passionate, Empowered Magickal Life is a Possibility like never before!


This includes:


sound healing

clearing your space of unwanted energies

mystical ceremonies to improve your life 

creating sacred space



shamanic practices


feng shui

access consciousness

energy healing

instant magick

sympathetic magick

cord cutting/ shadow healing

use of magickal tools

sexuality and living turned on!

The list is endless!

 Together, We Are Unstoppable!


It is time to teach, to learn, to share, to guide, to love, and to empower one another! 


Together, WE are the Leading Edge

of change on our planet

SoulSpark 7 leads with these Core Values

Inspire Collaborate Educate Empower

Sister Tribe Details:

Each month through an online, Zoom call, SoulSpark7 shares the principles of

Magick, Mysticism, and Metaphysics.

They choose topics requested by YOU and take the group on a deeper journey of contemplation and discovery.

Soul Spark7 brings the mysteries and complexities of "Magick" and "living intentionally" back to basics, making it easy to understand and implement through storytelling, and simple applicable step-by-step processes

Increase your business, increase your life joy, increase your connection to those you love, increase your compassion and passion for life and connect with your  Tribe across the world 

Join us! 

It's time for a new dawn.  

A New Beginning of Magick, Light, Love, and Leadership

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