Tru M. Eastman

Using techniques that I call “Soul Coaching” I guide an individual toward the power of transformation through healing the shadow patterns and discovering that vulnerability is your power, your ability to connect with others and your potency!

It is natural to want to turn away from what we don’t understand, and think “ aww, that’s not for me” But when it comes to life’s patterns, such as self-worth, money, sexuality, relationships, the ability to speak true will and much more, we soon discover the missing links to our transformation and change

      I have arrived at this knowing through experience. I’ve learned we must go within to find our truth and it takes sincere dedication to face our shadows and begin the healing journey.

 For 30 years, I have studied the esoteric sciences, such as astrology, numerology, qabalah and tarot. I call upon the Divine Mother and Father God and our personal Guides, Teachers, Angels, Allies and Ancestors for direction and answers. Crystals, candles, cards, spells and daily ritual are a few ways that I guide an individual through my soul coaching techniques. I perform shamanic journeys, soul retrieval and energy cord cuttings for clients. I love to introduce clients and students to daily focused rituals and ceremonial magick such as moon ceremonies, energy healing sessions, drum circles and the wheel of the year.

We must look beyond illusion and our “story” with a desire to let go of what isn’t working in our lives and open our hearts to compassion for ourselves and others. Only then can we live expanded and able to see the love all around us. It is this foundation that I reach out to touch your spirit and guide you to heal your soul.

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